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Dr. Cohen has made over 80 television appearances. Topics have included Botox, fillers, make-over segments, Cosmelan, Lasers, Rosacea, Chemical Peels, Acne, Sunscreen and other topics. Other shows that have featured Dr. Cohen include CBC News, Global News, CITY TV News, CBC’s Midday, CBC’s Marketplace, Cosmetic Innovations and many others.

Dr. Cohen has been featured on TV news segments and in numerous publications including Fashion Magazine, Flare, Elle Canada, Chatelaine, Glow, Today’s Parent, the Globe and Mail, The National Post, The Toronto Star and many others.


November 2019

What Is the deal with Hyaluronic Acid

November 2019

Do skin supplements actually work?

September 2018

‘Very promising’: Researchers developing vaccine to prevent acne

August 2017

Young men who died of melanoma remembered

November 2015

Elite Clinics of the World

March 2013

Game Change

Spring/Summer 2006

Skin Solutions

May 2003

What’s up doc?

March 2006

Top Cosmetic Surgeons and Derms in Toronto

November 2005

Is bacon really a heart-stopper

Summer 2005

Bare All

May/June 2003

Don’t Sweat It

January 2004

How to Get Luscious Lips Without Surgery

November 2003

Wrinkles: What works, what doesn’t!

Holiday .02

Fight Back the Acne Attack

March 2009


March 2010


Head Start

May 2013

Hand Brake

Summer 2012

Check Please

June 13, 2011

That not-so-healthy glow

April 2011

Good Sport

January 2011


Winter 2011

Extreme Weather Forecast

October 15, 2010

Boomer guys turning to surgery to improve prospects

Health Matters Be Sun Savvy

March 2010

Meryl Streep’s Secret to Skin that Shimmers

First Base

October 24, 2009

Thirty Something and Ignored by the Skin Care Industry

Summer 2009

Smooth Moves

February 2009

Future Perfect

February 2009

Rise and Shine

February 2009

Future Perfect

November 2008

Sense and Sensitivity

October 2008

Spice Market

August 2008

Children’s Sunscreens May Not Be Effective

June 2008

Even Revolutionaries Have to Moisturize

June 2008

How to Guard Against the Sun’s Rays

Summer 2008

Burning Questions

January 2008

Skin Detox SOS

January 2008

Winter Skin Savers

December 2007

Eye Contact

July 2007

Beauty 101 Sun Protection

April 2007

Bright Side

February 2007

Winter bites

January 2007

Helping Hands

November 2006

Facing the Future

November 2006

Fabulous Fixes

October 2006

Skin’s In

October 2006

Foods that Soothe

September 2006

Filler Time

June 2006

True Grit

Summer 2006

The Coolest stuff under the sun

May 2006

The Botox Exodus

June 2006

Round up True Grit

July 2006

Great Canadian Summer Safety Guide

Spring/Summer 2006

Skin Solutions

April 2006

Ask the Expert

March 2006

Toronto’s Top Derms

February 2006

January 2006

Brown Spots and Rosacea

January 2006

Facing Winter Cold Weather Protection

November 2005

Insider Favourites – Does chocolate give you zits?

May 2005

Baby Boomers terrified to look Like Dad

Summer 2005

Bare All – Save your skin

March/April 2005

Acne’s about face

Spring 2005

You Tried it… Botox for excessive Sweating

Winter 2004/05


Spring 2004

Summer skin

June 2004


June 2004

Safe Fun in the Sun

May/June 2004


May 2004

Beauty 911

February 2004

Youth in a bottle

February 2004

Lips like venom

January 2004

Pump up the Volume

January 2004

Have your cosmetics expired?

November 2003

Clean up – Pore over

November 2003

Wrinkles – What works and What doesn’t

Spring 2003

See Spot Grow

May 2003

Time Travel at the Dermatologists

July 2003

Glow For It – The top 10 tips for safe Tanning

June 2003

Keep your shirt on

May 2003

Flake Face

May 2003

Don’t Sweat It

February 2003

There’s no need to suffer Rosacea

December 2002

Fight Back the Acne Attack

May 2002

The dark side of the Sun


Keep safe while enjoying the summer (May 2017)

Fixing common skin ailments

Combating acne

Summer skin protection

Skin care tips for cancer patients

Taking care of your skin in winter

Which is better? The difference between serums and creams.

Body Breakthrough

Uma Thurman Story

November 5, 2013

Kids as Young as 7 or 8 Now Breaking Out in Acne

Repairing Sun Damage: How to Get Back Younger Looking Skin

Sun Safety: How to Protect Against Skin Cancer

January 18, 2008

May 16, 2007

March 27, 2007

January 11, 2006

David Cornfield Melanoma Fund