Scarlet S

the most exciting anti aging technology

Scarlet S microneedling technology delivers radiofrequencies deep into the skin and enhances the benefits of traditional microneedling with little-to-no discomfort.

Whether you desire to reduce the lines of age, fade old acne scars, or generally tighten and invigorate your skin – Scarlet S microneedling technology may be right for you.

Scarlet is a minimally-invasive treatment that utilises microneedle radio frequency (RF) technology to remodel collagen and elastin in the skin. This results in reduced wrinkles and acne scars, as well as improved skin texture and firmness. Fractional Microneedle RF emits energy from the entire length of each needle for deep dermal stimulation as well as surface improvement, i.e. more even texture and reduced pore size. It also reduces facial flushing and melasma.

Within the skin, each needle acts as an electrode to emit RF energy throughout the dermis, generating heat. The heat causes tightening and collagen production. It delivers radiofrequency directly into the dermis to improve acne scars, sagging skin, wrinkles, large pores, and stretch marks. For some, it can dramatically reduce nasolabial folds (laugh lines), drooping corners of the mouth, and mid-face sagging, as well as produce browlift and eyelid tightening effects.